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Adobe Flash CS6 – The Seesaw

As I said in my earlier flash animation, I am just learning the contents of the program and how to use it. so even thou this animation probably is better than the last one, I am not completely there yet.

The Key المفتاح

Two burglars break into their friend’s house looking for a key. Screenplay : Shot with a Canon 5D Mark II + Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L Music by Moby, available to…

Tutorial Illustrator – Skew Text in Illustrator CS5 – Free Short Fast Tutorial

This is a short tutorial on how to skew text in Illustrator CS5 Thanks for watching

The Forthcomer 2 (2013 Short Film) Adobe After Effects and Lumion 3D

This is the sequel to my previous project I did a few months ago called “The Forthcomer”. The long awaited sequel to the first one, I present to you “The Forthcomer 2”! Continuing the plot of the…

Draco: A short animation

Notice: This is a very old project and it does not sufficiently reflect my skills. My first animation. Also, it was the first time I seriously used After Effects, Audition and FL Studio. I learned so much while doing this course project. (GRA 216

Techfusion (TechConfusion) – #ShortMovie [sub EN]

Hey lovely people! I’m here with my first short-movie! Hope you like it. Nothing of so good, but it’s just the first, expect other small shorts by far, better than TechFusion on this channel! # Like the video if you enjoy it! # Edited

The EDGE – Short Film by Endigo RAE Entertainment

Are Dreams an Alternate Reality? Or do they point to somethings in our waking lives? Click Here To Join Endigo Rae TV Newsletter: Written & Directed by Rachael Alexander Cinematography & Music A Short Art/Experimental Film by Endigo RAE Entertainment Shot with Canon

How to make an epic background using photoshop cs6

In this tutorial I teach you how to make an epic background using photoshop cs6! Be sure to like, fav and subscribe if you enjoyed, leave feedback in the comment section below! Thanks for watching! Here’s the song:

3d animation of Landscapes, for film, Documentaries and Deckstop The Watch Gold Adobe after effects

Adobe After Effects CS6 Template – Short Intro

Adobe After Effects CS6 Template 720p HD Project 2D short Intro ——————————————— xReckzTV